With the 1st Pick in the 2015 NBA Draft (Post 4 of 4)…

The draft lottery is today and the Wolves will soon learn their fate. In the best scenario, the Wolves keep their spot and land the first pick. Since 1994, the top team has won the draft lottery just 3 of the 21 times. Nowhere near 25%.

What to do with this pick? The Wolves would be in full control of their destiny. Never have the Wolves picked number 1, although many number one picks have played for the Wolves (Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett, Michael Olowokandi, Joe Smith). This pick could solidify another cornerstone alongside the other young pieces the Wolves have. It sounds like the Timberwolves love Jahlil Okafor. The Wolves’ Flip Saunders has strong ties to Okafor’s agent Bill Duffy as former teammates. So if the Wolves get the number 1 pick, I would not be surprised if Okafor went number 1.

That said, to me before workouts and more interviews, Karl Towns is the obvious pick for the Timberwolves. Not only is he better overall, but he fits the Wolves Needs greatly. The Timberwolves need defense. They need rebounding. They need a big man to stretch the offense a little for Flip Saunders’ offense. While I am not a fan of Flip’s offense, using Towns in a Pick n’ Pop would work great with Rubio and Wiggins. All of these things are things that are not really Okafor’s strengths. Towns could be a star but doesn’t seem like he will ever be the best player on a team. Which doesn’t seem to be an issue with the Wolves. He doesn’t seem like there is much risk with him as he has a lot of strengths that translate to the NBA well (Block %, Rebound %, shooting, and athleticism).

To me it isn’t as much a debate so I will keep it short on this one. Towns. Get him paired up with Wiggins, Rubio, LaVine, and Shabazz and the Wolves could be exciting to watch for many years to come. Best of luck to the Timberwolves tonight. The Wolves have NEVER moved up in the Draft lottery before and that streak will continue tonight. But the best of luck would just be keeping the top pick. We will be watching.


– The Timber (re)Builder


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