KG Dunks on Blake Griffin – The Analysis

Garnett had 5 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal, and a dunk of the year.

The Wolves lost its fourth straight game against the Clippers last night. But for whatever reason, everyone in Minnesota is happy. Sam Mitchell treated the press nicely. Those of us eliminated from our fantasy football playoffs are quite jolly today. Because KG dunked on one of the most annoying basketball players in the league, Blake Griffin. In case you spent the night under a rock, here it is:


If you have also watched this video over 50 times, a few things happened. You and the crowd and every other Wolves fan went nuts. KG proceeded to talk the very necessary smack after the dunk, if only the video had subtitles. As the crowd went wild, Chris Paul called a time out to prevent the momentum getting too out of hand and to allow for the dunk to sink in for fans.

This dunk was Garnett’s first dunk of the season and like the announcers screamed, it is probably the best of the season. The last time KG dunked in a Wolves uniform was April 9th, 2007. In case you wanted to just see the dunk in a sequence, there was this flowing through the internet:


In the first picture on the left, there seems to be a lot going through Garnett’s head. KG is in mid air and realizing that he could score his average in points if he could just make the basket. He is probably upset at Rubio for passing the ball to him in transition. He was initially running for a rebound put back or something. In the middle image, KG then says forget it, I will try to just get to the line. He then realizes, Blake Griffin hasn’t moved. KG is then realizing what a punk Griffin is. This is when KG is then developing the necessary rhetoric he will share with Griffin when he comes back down to planet earth. The third image is where Garnett physically turns back the clock and we all see this:


A young KG emerged from the dust and reappeared for a brief moment. It was beautiful. The 39-year old Garnett had posterized a former dunk champion, Hollywood star, and very athletic Blake Griffin. When people say ‘the game of basketball is like art in motion’, this is what they mean.

The final part of the analysis is based on the reactions. And the best reaction. 20-year old Karl-Anthony Towns reacted like he was a fan. Like his mentor just proved to him that he still had it. Like Mom said the pizza rolls were ready. Here it is:

The meme potential for this is enormous. Whenever I am excited about anything, I will imagine this reaction. It is just a beautiful image to see KG talking smack and KAT screaming and cheering with a bandaid on his face as if he just dunked on Griffin himself. It felt like a passing of the torch.


You then are left with this reaction. Fans cheering still. KG cursing the entire Clippers team. Towns reacting like a child who uttered their first swear word and knew what it meant. Wiggins looking like he woke up and saw the Clippers bench crying from embarrassment. And Rubio flexing and talking crap in spanish.

This was beautiful. Even though the game didn’t conclude in victory, this was all worth it. 39-year old Kevin Garnett dunked on 26- year old Blake Griffin. It is what all old guys dream about in pick up basketball. Garnett lived out the dream for all of us.

Thanks for turning back the clock for us KG. It was glorious.


One thought on “KG Dunks on Blake Griffin – The Analysis

  1. I agree with Mr. Felix that Griffin is the face of the Clippers. He’s got another 10 years. If the NBA is “serious” about their anti bullying campaign, he should a long suspension.


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