Andre Miller Rips The Wolves

This isn’t headline news, but for anyone who is a Wolves fan and listens to The Vertical podcast, you were probably taken aback this morning. Andre Miller, veteran guard of the San Antonio Spurs, was a guest on The Vertical podcast with Chris Mannix. Miller was on the Timberwolves not too long ago, maybe a few weeks. The Wolves waived Miller in order for him to go play for a contender after the trade deadline.

You can listen to the podcast here, and maybe I am overreacting a little bit. But Chris begins by asking Miller is tanking is a problem and Miller responded with a yes. Miller then proceeded to say there is a problem in the NBA and how players should play four years in college because they need to learn the fundamentals. It seemed ironic because he was just a teammate to Karl Towns and Andrew Wiggins, two one and done guys who also would win Rookie of the Year (just a matter of time for Towns).

Miller continued in the conversation to say that teams play guys and don’t try to win and it isn’t fair to the players who work hard in order to win. That makes sense. But then said teams and GMs take younger players in order to develop them instead of going for a finished product because they want to take credit for the development. It surprised me because, on the Timberwolves, Miller played with Zach LaVine and Adreian Payne, two guys who were a pick apart in the 2014 draft but are leading completely different careers on the same team. Payne played four years with Tom Izzo, which should translate into a finished product. LaVine didn’t even start on his college team. But yet, LaVine is a starter now who has been lights out since the All-Star break and Payne’s career looks to be in question.

The irritating part is when Mannix asked Miller about the Timberwolves, Miller went on to say the Wolves organization doesn’t have goals or direction. Maybe that is true. But as someone who was treated fairly while in Minnesota, it probably was not something that should’ve been said publicly. I don’t believe the Wolves as an organization don’t have goals though. The passing of the late Flip Saunders likely left a lot of people scrambling in the organization. He wore multiple hats. People had to step in. The team clearly is not prepared to win now and thus, it seems like the goal of this season became to develop young players and build a chemistry between them. Maybe Miller is just upset he was not a part of the goals. Who knows.

Anyways, I expected more from him. Please give the podcast a listen and let me know on Twitter @TimberRebuilder if you agree or not.

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