Game of Zones: Timberwolves Segment Analysis

If you follow the blog, you know how excited I was for Game of Zones to feature the Wolves. Well it is upon us. And if you haven’t watch it, here it is:

Game of Zones is a hilarious series by Bleacher Report that is an animated mix of the NBA and Game of Thrones. This is the 6th episode and is finally featuring the Wolves.

Because it is so hilarious, I decided to review the Wolves portion of the episode through pictures. The still screens are pretty funny to catch the moments because the animations are great. There are a lot of great facial expressions that are captured through the pictures. While there isn’t a ton to analyze, at least going through the pictures can be fun.

It starts with the Blazers singing as KAT watches through a rock of sorts. The Blazers are singing about Clyde Drexler and Terry Porter, some all-time great Blazers.

The Blazers (CJ McCollum) shoots and score and it blows the Wolves cover. CJ has been a lights out scorer and shooter so it makes sense. Damian Lillard then says ‘Well Four-Bar Fridays, who do we have here’. Not sure why they snuck that in, but Lillard is well known for his raps that he posts on social media. They’ve gone viral and they are called Four-Bar Friday where he just drops a couple bars, which are usually nice.

The Wolves realized their cover was blown after the bucket was made. Digging in way too deep, this signified that the Wolves are now in the mainstream. They are no longer a team that just goes forgotten. There officially have some expectations. It was hilarious to see how scared the young pups were when they became noticed.

Some dialogue began with the Blazers’ Damian Lillard, CJ McCollum  and Mason Plumlee. The Blazers wanted to know who the Wolves were…

Wiggins introduces the Wolves. In their best way possible, the young pups start howling, which is arguably the funniest part of it all. The howl was meant to be intimidating, but no where near. It reminded me of the Wolves from the Jungle Book…

Lillard & co start laughing at the Wolves. He asks for their names.

Wiggins introduces himself and KAT as number one picks and rookies of the year.
LaVine goes un-introduced though. Dame then asks what about the skinny one and LaVine responses with ‘I do cool dunks’. He is laughed at. LaVine has a reputation around the league that that is all he is capable of so the introduction was fitting.

Wiggins, the leader of the pack, asks the Blazers who they are. Dame introduces himself and CJ but forgets about Plumlee. They say they are the ‘Brotherhood of one banner’ and Wiggins in the teen-ish way possible exclaims that the wolves are going to get a banner of their own. The one banner was in reference to the Blazers lone championship in 1977.

The quote of the episode is by LaVine who says like a pre-teen, hands on hips and all, that ‘Sir Garnett says Anything is Possible.’ Hilarious because he is quoting KG’s infamous post-championship interview. This played into KG-mentorship deal, where KG is here to groom the young guys. Hilariously, LaVine is living through the ‘Anything is possible’ quote.

The Blazers tell the Wolves they don’t know how to get a championship but could certainly help them with. The segment with the Wolves and Blazers ends and goes onto other funny stuff.

Overall it was hilarious. The surprises was how quite Towns was and how vocal Wiggins was. Generally, Towns has been outspoken and Wiggins has been more reserved. Towns didn’t do much other than lurk and howl. Wiggins was passionate and leading the young pack. LaVine’s character was pretty good as an innocent child.

There also wasn’t any reference to Tom Thibodeau. This was probably because Thibs has gone under the radar after the hire. It is hard to assume his impact, if any, on the team so far.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!


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