The 3rd Spot – Timberwolves Community Big Board

Wolves fans,

The community has spoken! In our previous poll, we were able to get the top two, which was no surprise. Ben Simmons won both our page and Twitter polls. He won the page poll with 39% and Twitter with 45%. Brandon Ingram gets the second spot by getting 31% of the page polls for the top spot. In the Twitter poll, Kris Dunn got 23% of votes and Ingram got 19%. The page poll received way more votes, where Dunn came away with 7.9%. So the Community Big Board looks like this so far:

  1. Ben Simmons – F – LSU
  2. Brandon Ingram – F – Duke

Now it gets interesting. Who is the 3rd best player in the draft from the Wolves perspective? Who do Wolves fans believe is the best after Simmons and Ingram? I really believe this will get mixed reviews. So please share your thoughts.

To start the conversation, Upside & Motor talks about who would be the best fits for teams. Check it out here:

They point out how Dragan Bender would be scary for the Wolves to land, which I agree with. Bender’s potential alongside Towns and Wiggins could provide something very scary for the rest of the league. A 3-and-D big man who has guard skills could make the Wolves starting lineup a matchup nightmare. The Wolves also have the appetite for the risk with Bender. The Wolves don’t need a rookie to step in immediately and help. Bender can learn to defend from Thibs and be the future starting power forward, something the Wolves desperately need.

Then there is the daily debate within the Wolves community. Who do you take if Kris Dunn, Buddy Hield, or Jamal Murray are available? From what I can gauge, there is a three-way split between the Wolves fandom. Do Wolves fans feel strongly enough to place one of them as the 3rd best player available? This is the channel to express that!

Also including here is Jaylen Brown. Throughout the season, Brown has been in the top 4 category. He is an athletic freak who screams project. The Wolves could take that on and develop nicely as another weapon for Ricky Rubio.

Please vote and share! I will close this one after two days so we can keep it moving!



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