Timberwolves Community Big Board – Controversial 4th Spot

Well this is how we are rounded out for the top 3 in the Wolves draft big board

  1. Ben Simmons
  2. Brandon Ingram
  3. Dragan Bender

You voted for the third spot and named Dragan Bender the 3rd best player available. Twitter did believe Kris Dunn was the best so I am beginning to believe the Twitter followers are obsessed with him. So it is your duty, if you are opposed to Kris Dunn being the 4th best player available in this draft, then you need to get out and vote! Share it with others who hate Kris Dunn!

Someone that could be receiving love at the 5th pick is Jaylen Brown who seems to be moving back up draft boards. He presents himself as a solid small ball-4 who can defend and is athletic. Don’t sleep on him!

You can access the previous votes here:

1st & 2nd Spots

3rd Spot

This is the moment of truth. The top 3 was predictable. Now is the chance! Vote!


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