What Dunn needs to do as a Starter

I think I spent more time thinking of cool titles about Kris Dunn starting than I did thinking about what to put in here. Partially because titles with ‘Dunn’ in it is fun to think of, but mainly because what Kris Dunn needs to do to succeed is simple. Some titles I thought of:

It’s Dunn time to start! (A little slang used here)

Rubio starting is Dunn

Playoff hopes are Dunn

Getting the Job Dunn

What needs to be Dunn?

Which is your favorite? I didn’t want to use any… Yet. Anyways, back to this post.

Dunn has been handed an opportunity on a silver platter. Ricky Rubio is out ‘indefinitely’, which usually means a long time. This news came after Rubio met with the doctor. He will now meet with a surgeon, which could mean Rubio is out longer than we even originally expected.

Thibodeau brought Dunn in with the idea that he is the point guard of the future. Rubio was also not traded because he certainly gives the Wolves the best chance to win now. Rubio is needed on this team still if they plan to make the playoffs this year, but an early injury could become a blessing in disguise.

Dunn is in a very different situation than the Wolves’ previous rookies. Wiggins and Towns both were expected to produce immediately. Dunn is in a position where he does not need to be the first, second, or even third option offensively. He can slowly work himself into the offense. A luxury KAT and Wiggins didn’t really have.

What does Dunn need to do as a starter to be successful then? Like I said earlier, it is very simple. It should not be a surprise at all. But it is important for it to happen.

First, Dunn needs to do what he is known for and that is defense. I think Dunn has been impressive defensively in the first two games. He looks like a pest that disrupts the opposing team’s offense from getting set up. He gets the occasional steal from pressuring the ball. If he can master this, it will be the basis of his success. He will build confidence in his game at the NBA-level from his defense. It will also wear out his opponent when they need to play defense on him. It is easier said than done though. He will face the likes of Mike Conley, Chris Paul, Damien Lillard and Russell Westbrook multiple times early on this season. While Dunn won’t shut these guys down, he can try to contain them a little bit. It will certainly accelerate his experience.

Next, Kris will want to focus on not turning the ball over. This will be his backbone offensively. As a rookie, learning to not make mistakes will translate into him doing a ‘good job’. Luckily for Dunn, he has guys that he can rely on offensively to produce. He just needs to get them the ball and limit any mistakes. Kris Dunn will need to simplify his game and stick to the basics offensively. His baskets will come. Teams will game plan around forcing Dunn to beat them as he is most prone to making mistakes as a rookie.

If Dunn can play solid defense and limit mistakes offensively, his offensive game will come around. He should try to make the open shot. But mainly, he should try to take high percentage shots as much as possible. Dunn’s bread and butter was scoring around the rim in college. He can continue to do that and it will open up the floor for the Wolves. If teams see Dunn as a threat scoring at the rim, he will be able to penetrate and dish pretty easily.

With Rubio out, the opportunity for Dunn and the Wolves is great. I am optimistic still about what happens this season. An injury this early benefits the team in that Dunn will get heavy experience that could be valuable later in the year. Developing the backup point guard in that there isn’t a huge drop off will make a difference if the Wolves are fighting for a playoff spot. Dunn is being groomed to be the starter regardless, but this will certainly benefit the Wolves if Dunn becomes a strong bench contributor later this year when Rubio returns.

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Experts not crazy about the Dieng deal, we disagree

Coming into work today I listened to a podcast like I usually do. I typically will listen to someone like Zach Lowe or Wolves’ fans favorite Dougie Wolfson. I have a personal NBA favorite in Nate Duncan, who hosts the Dunc’d on podcast with Danny Leroux. They are ‘Cap Space’ experts but also do a wonderful job breaking down games. They go super in-depth and are super nerdy. I can relate.

They analyzed the Gorgui Dieng extension, which he signed with the Wolves for 4-years and $64M. Many Wolves fans rejoiced, as it was a steal compared to what we expected for him to be able to sign this summer. One thing that Wolves fans have noted, rightfully so, is that big men are still getting paid big bucks. We saw the deals that Timofey Mozgov, Ian Mahinmi and Bismack Biyombo signed this summer. With the cap increase playing a factor as well, Wolves fans valued Gorgui Dieng right around, if not higher, than those bigs that got paid.

I typically always respect and agree with Nate Duncan and Danny. I couldn’t agree on this one. I call them experts here even though they may not be the names you hear everyday if you’re an average basketball fan. But they definitely know their stuff. They felt that Dieng could’ve potentially got this deal in the summer when he hit restricted free agency. The reasons they call that out is because Dieng would have a cap hold of around 250%-300% his current salary, which is not too high. We could’ve also used it to sign two other starters or one starter and a bench guy with our $40M in cap space this summer.

They also didn’t like it due to Dieng’s age, who will be 27 by next season. The contracts that were given out to those on rookie-scale contracts were mainly to 23-year-old players who will play most of their extension into and in their primes. A lot of the money given to guys like Adams and Oladipo was based on potential. Dennis Schroeder got an extension for $70M and they felt if he developed into an average point guard, he was worth the money.

One of my concerns for extending Dieng was absolutely his age. I made it clear on Twitter. He isn’t worth going $90M if a guy like Adams is getting $100M because of age. But for $64M, you can lock up a fringe-starting center in the new NBA. Dieng has proven himself as someone who can start at Center but also be effective off the bench. Because the Wolves do not have a power forward, Dieng is the starter at Center for the foreseeable future, with Towns at the 4.

Although the Wolves did sign Dieng to a contract into his 30s, they have essentially locked him up through his prime. They will likely get his best production over the next three seasons. They are paying for what he is now and not what he can be in three years, this is a less-risky route. Gorgui has proven he can fit into many roles and still be effective. He is usually a net-positive player on the floor, so having him do this for another 3 years at least is worth the contract he signed.

The criticism around Dieng’s position, alongside Towns, was another criticism. Signing a player to a long-term contract that plays the same position essentially as your best player isn’t smart for how you use your cap space. This is absolutely true. Dieng was criticized that he can’t shoot by Duncan, which I don’t believe is true. Dieng has had a very solid midrange shot (shot 46% from 10-15ft last season). He isn’t a stretch-player necessarily, but he does spread the floor well, above average for a center. Dieng, is also a very good free throw shooter, which is very rare for a big man.

In the next four years, the Wolves will need to find a starting power forward who can stretch the floor and defend. In the meantime though, the Wolves have a solid security blanket in the frontcourt if they don’t find that player right away or if Towns ever gets hurt.

Dieng has also produced more on the court, in a lesser role, than Steven Adams thus far. Yes, Adams is younger and a better defender. But Dieng did just sign for nearly $40M less. Looking at their numbers, you can see that Dieng has averaged more points, rebounds, and blocks per game through his career.

1,Steven Adams\adamsst01,2014,2017,234,170,21.7,2.5,4.5,.561,0.0,0.0,.000,2.5,4.5,.562,.561,1.3,2.3,.557,2.4,3.6,6.0,0.7,0.5,1.0,1.1,2.8,6.3
2,Gorgui Dieng\dienggo01,2014,2017,217,105,24.4,3.2,6.2,.516,0.0,0.1,.276,3.1,6.0,.521,.519,2.1,2.7,.780,2.3,4.7,7.0,1.5,0.9,1.3,1.5,2.4,8.5

There is some concern about cap flexibility in the future. That is fair. But at some point, the Wolves need solid role players surrounding Towns and Wiggins. This was the first step in that direction. I am certain that Dieng would’ve received a larger paycheck had he waited for the summer. Thibodeau has also loved Dieng since his days in Chicago. It is hard to come by a big man that has Dieng’s skill set and also his character. Dieng is a hard worker, willing to take any role the team gives him, and wants to win.

Dieng’s character is a big factor in why keeping Dieng around instead of looking to free agency made more sense. Dieng won a championship while at Louisville. Dieng has led the Senegal National Team each summer, in which he usually dominates in International competition. Dieng is also a guy who invests a ton in his home country of Senegal, which this contract will absolutely help those efforts. Dieng is the type of ‘character-guy’ you want on your team and you want your young players to be surrounded by. A lot of time those things are overlooked in analyzing these extensions. Dieng reminds me of Nick Collision with the Thunder. It would be great if Dieng spent the rest of his career here in Minnesota.


Timberwolves blow big lead, fall to Grizzlies

Image result for timberwolves grizzlies

Photo credit: AP/Brandon Dill

The Timberwolves season finally began Wednesday night.

The game showed some glimpses of excitement that is expected to happen throughout the season, but the result did not end the way they had hoped for.

Andrew Wiggins had a game high 25 points on 7/14 shooting but also missed a pair of free throws late in the game, which proved costly in the 102-98 loss. Karl-Anthony Towns chipped in 21 points and Gorgui Dieng had 12 points and 14 rebounds. Towns was -14 on the night, the worst of any player on the Timberwolves.

Zach Lavine had 19 points and hit a late three to cut the deficit to 98-96, but the Wolves could not come back. Rookie Kris Dunn went 4/6 from the field with eight points in 15 minutes.

Big money man Mike Conley led the Grizzlies with 24 points, Marc Gasol had 18 and Zach Randolph had 19 points and 11 rebounds off the bench.

The Wolves led 90-86 late and by 17 in the first half. We should see plenty of close games like this throughout the season, but it will be interesting to see how many of them will result in victories.

Up next: Wolves head west to face the Sacramento Kings on 10/29.

Ali Siddiqui @asiddiqui15

We want RJ Hunter or Archie Goodwin

Consider this an open letter to Tom Thibodeau. Or consider this a post that may mean nothing in a day. Regardless how you take it, two quality, young guards are available for the league to grab and I believe Tom Thibodeau needs to sign one of them.

If you follow this blog on twitter (@timberrebuilder), you know that I am crazy about RJ Hunter. I wanted Flip Saunders (RIP) to draft Hunter over Tyus Jones in the draft. RJ Hunter has a great combination of playmaking, size, and shooting coming into the league. He carried a Georgia State team to the NCAA Tournament single-handedly. He has a body that almost looks like a light-skinned Corey brewer is running around, but he makes up for it with his length. He hasn’t been able to translate much to the NBA yet, but the tools are there.

Hunter was released by the Celtics because they had too many guaranteed contracts and had to cut ties with either Hunter or James Young. He wasn’t necessarily cut because he didn’t have the ability to make the team. He didn’t really get the opportunity to prove himself, but he was able to hit 36% of corner 3s, something he could immediately step in and do.

Archie Goodwin was also released by the Suns. Goodwin, a Kentucky kid, has been a guy who has been in the league based on his potential. He is an athletic freak and can score at will. He is a combo guard that is extremely athletic. He was behind a lot of guards in Pheonix, especially after Devin Booker developed himself into a starter on the team. He did have this amazing game winner this preseason, which is worth a watch.


Why go after one of these guys?

If either player is picked up, they will likely be the 14th or 15th man. They typically wouldn’t dress for games. While it may be best for this season to hold on to a veteran like John Lucas III, a flyer on a guy with as much potential as Hunter or Goodwin could pay off long-term. Both players could develop into solid rotation players and could even contribute this year.

The Timberwolves are also looking to deal Tyus Jones for a shooter. RJ Hunter could be that shooter! Goodwin isn’t really a shooter but could be a solid scorer off the bench.

The Wolves bench lacks depth at the shooting guard position. If you’ve read our season preview you know that there isn’t anyone really backing up LaVine on a consistent basis. Having a true shooting guard in Hunter or Goodwin could help in the event that LaVine gets hurt.

Short and timely post. We want Hunter or Goodwin. And we want to tell the world.

The Timber Rebuilder

Timberwolves ‘Measuring Stick’ Teams

The 2016-17 Season is right around the corner!! As the season progresses, it will be important for the Wolves to get an idea of how good they really are. One way to see how you are doing through the season outside of stats and standings is seeing how you perform against another team, typically around the same caliber as you. In the West, there are a handful of teams that are locks for the playoffs and there are about 8 teams competing for 3 spots in the West. There will be broken hearts. If the Wolves do make the playoffs, they have to serve the role of heart breaker.

But what teams can the Wolves use as measuring sticks this season? How can they tell if they are going to break hearts by the end of the year? First, lets define what a ‘measuring stick’ team is. A measuring stick team can come in many forms. First, they are likely a team that is on the bubble of the playoffs. They are a team that you probably performed poorly against the previous season. They are a team that you could potentially jump ahead of in the standings this season. They match up well against you and can be a test at things you think you improved on over the off-season.

New Orleans Pelicans


While the Pelicans won 30 games last season, they made the playoffs the season before with 45 wins. The ‘Brow hype has died down due to injuries, but I still believe Anthony Davis is one of the most talented players in the league. I also believe they added some solid pieces this offseason. I don’t know if the Pels make the playoffs, but they could serve as the ‘floor’ measuring stick this season. A team the Timberwolves have to outplay will be the Pelicans, and it may be harder than it sounds. Buddy Hield is probably one of the more NBA-ready rookies who can shoot the lights out. Solomon Hill signed with New Orleans this summer and I believe he could be a real difference maker. They also managed to steal away Langston Galloway and Terrance Jones. If health is on the Pelicans’ side, it may be hard for the Wolves to win 3 out of 4 meetings. They split the season series last year.

Regardless of team outcomes, this will also be a measuring stick for Karl-Anthony Towns. There is much debate around who is the best big man in the league. Davis and Towns are the future of that discussion. There is also the Kentucky rivalry to throw in there. It could turn into a Garnett/ Duncan-like rivalry in the future.

Dallas Mavericks


The Dallas Mavericks are looking to hold on to their playoff position with the acquisition of Harrison Barnes this offseason. The Mavericks finished 6th in the West with a 42-40 record. As Dirk is nearing the end of his career, it will be interesting to see how they hold on to playoff hopes. The reason they are a good measuring stick is because this is a team with experience and high-expectations. This is also a team that would likely need to fall out of the playoffs in order for the Wolves to make it in. The Wolves also lost all four matchups with the Mavs last season. In all the games, the Mavs wings found ways to torch the Wolves. Although Chandler Parsons is no longer with the Mavericks, it will be a good test to see if the Wolves perimeter defense improved against a team that has no shortage of scorers and shooters.

Denver Nuggets

NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves at Denver Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets are a team still looking for an identity. They relied on the incredibly inefficient rookie Emmanual Mudiay at point guard last season. After winning 33 games, the Nuggets will try to improve through the development of their international big men. Jusuf Nurkic made a late push for Rookie of the Year, so it will be interesting to see how he responds in year two. Some how though, the Nuggets managed to win 3 of 4 meetings with the Timberwolves last season. Not underestimating the Nuggets, but if the Wolves are planning on having a successful season, they will need to out-win the Nuggets. The Wolves should be aiming to win 2-3 meetings this year.

To do that, the Wolves will need to figure out how to guard Danilo Gallinari. The Wolves haven’t been successful guarding stretch-4s who can shoot and operate out of the triple-threat. While coaching should help this, Gallinari was guarded by someone who had no business guarding him in OT last year, which really pointed out the Wolves gaps on the perimeter defensively. Can Wiggins guard him this season? We shall see.


Utah Jazz

Zach LaVine, Rodney Hood

The Utah Jazz are the ultimate measuring stick team for the Timberwolves. Not only are they divisional rivals, but they have a good amount of hype and barely didn’t make the playoffs last season. The Jazz are about as hungry, if not hungrier, for a playoff spot this season. According to @PaulDeVos7, the Wolves were only 5 wins behind the Jazz in the final 40 games last year. The Jazz did take the season series 3-1 with all of the games happening after December 30th. But what makes the Jazz incredibly intriguing is that they have players at each position that will not only challenge the Wolves, but are almost a toss up when discussing who is better.

Ricky Rubio is better than George Hill and that might be the biggest advantage the Wolves have. Derrick Favors is not better than Towns, but I do think Favors is fairly underrated. On the perimeter, Hayward is better than Wiggins and Hood edges out LaVine simply because he is a great two-way player. If the Wolves want to outplay the Jazz this season, Wiggins will have to outperform Gordon Hayward. The Jazz also have added a significant amount of depth by signing Boris Diaw, Joe Johnson, and Daunte Exum returning from injury.

The Wolves will have an advantage early in the season against the Jazz with Hayward injured. The Jazz won 40 games last year and could get closer to 50 this year. If the Wolves jump into the 40-win range, it will be important to win two games against the Jazz. Regardless, this could be a good rivalry this season. Especially if we see Andrew Wiggins continue his efforts in posterizing Rudy Gobert.

While an argument could be made for all the ‘bubble’ teams, we felt like this was a diverse group and could test out different things against the Wolves. Agree? Disagree? Have other ‘measuring stick’ teams? Let us know!

The Timber Rebuilder.

Andrew Wiggins’ Criticality

Karl-Anthony Towns has made Minnesota sports fans fall in love with him. The kid is 20 years old but understands that for the Timberwolves to be successful, they need a crowd again. The Wolves compete with the Vikings and Twins for sports ticket dollars in the Twin Cities. So Towns has been seen cheering on the Vikings and Twins all over his snap chat. It is quite entertaining. Towns also has been on his PR-grind around the nation doing interviews and commercials that are just now appearing everywhere. I thought Zach LaVine, the China-traveling, dunk champion, was marketable. But no, Towns feels like he is running a presidential campaign.

So why start this post talking about KAT? Well, because he already has all the attention. The National media can’t stop talking about how good he is. He is expected to be an all-star. He is everyone’s focus. It is easy to talk about him and to love what he is doing, right?

Behind the KAT shine, is a quiet, laid-back Andrew Wiggins. Wiggins was disrespected in NBA2K17 when he was rated 6 points lower than his partner Towns at a, semi-respectable 82. Wiggins came out of his hiding and stated he like Call of Duty better, a witty response. But as they say, games are becoming much more realistic. And as of right now, Wiggins hasn’t proven much more than he can score at the NBA-level.

Besides the release of Andrew Wiggins’ hiking boots, that I intend on buying to help me through the brutal Minnesota winter, there has been videos of Wiggins working hard on his game. He is improving his ball-handling and looks to be able to shoot off of the dribble. Fitting his personality, he has laid low throughout most of the summer. Without the veteran presence of Kevin Garnett, Wiggins will have the most experience in the starting lineup this season outside of Ricky Rubio. It is a scary thought to think but, Andrew Wiggins will need to be a leader.

It isn’t in Wiggy to be a vocal leader like KG was. He doesn’t need to be. KAT is going to attract all the media attention but it may be on Wiggins to set the tone early and close out games late. Not only that, but he will have to carry a lot of the load on both ends of the court.

While he has been able to score, he will need to do so more efficiently and get others involved. Adding a consistent 3-pointer will be the first way to improve. He shot 24% from behind the arc before the All Star break and 41% after. Wiggins being an inside-outside threat will help open up the floor for him to penetrate and get others involved.

On the defensive side is where the real work will need to be done. While I have hope with Thibodeau in town, I still think a good amount of defense is just effort. Wiggins has to be able to carry the weight on the offense side and come back and do the same on defense. Wiggins has a terrible Defensive rating of 114 last season. He also had a pretty bad Defensive Box Plus/ Minus of -2.5.

The reason the Timberwolves need Andrew Wiggins to turn it around defensively is because he has the physical tools to be able to guard C.J McCollum and Kevin Durant. And if Wiggins is going to start alongside Zach LaVine, there is a good chance Wiggins will be guarding the opposing team’s best offensive player. Wiggins had to play alongside Tayshaun Prince for most of the season for the simple fact that Wiggins could not handle the responsibility on both ends of the court. With the training wheels off ( I love this phrase for the Wolves this season), it is time for Wiggins to truly make a leap on this end.

There is also the rebounding conversation. With getting bigger and stronger and wiser, rebounding should come a little more naturally. Wiggins’ rebounding numbers dropped from his rookie to sophomore year, mainly because he was playing more shooting guard. At least that is the excuse I am making. While the Wolves have some exceptional rebounding big men, the Wolves were second to last in rebounding last season. A clear gap is where your small forward is averaging 3 rebounds. Please Wiggins, let’s get some boards this season.

While Towns is getting all the attention, the team will not being able to make the playoffs and make significant strides forward unless Andrew Wiggins improves. It feels like a lot of this season will be dependent upon his development. We have seen Anthony Davis’ Pelicans take a significant step back, partially due to not having a supporting figure with Davis.

I don’t see anyone being more critical to the Wolves’ success this season than Andrew Wiggins. Karl-Anthony Towns can put up the same numbers he did last year and will be an All Star. Wiggins will need to show he can be at a Jimmy Butler-level before he gets that kind of respect. I will be watching Maple Jordan extra carefully this season. There is no doubt about that.

KG and the Wolves close to parting ways

In a long, drawn out summer, Kevin Garnett and the Timberwolves organization are in ‘advanced’ stages of a buyout. This would mean, Kevin Garnett would be a free agent and could sign with whatever team he wants.

This means, Kevin Garnett could potentially break the record of number of seasons played this upcoming season and it would not be with the Timberwolves.

The Wolves are already weak at the power forward position but they did add Cole Aldrich and Jordan Hill this summer.

Garnett and owner Glen Taylor were already on shaky terms, but after the passing of Flip Saunders it was unclear if Taylor would live up to the agreement Flip made with KG, whatever that was.

Tom Thibodeau may have had an impact on the decision as well. More details to come. Let us know your thoughts.

I met Ricky Rubio last night

While I will sit here and talk Wolves all day, I still am a huge fan. I went to see Nemr (awesome comedian) at his comedy show after a long day of class. I threw on my Timberwolves hat as I walked out, because I love the Wolves. 

As the show was happening, I spotted Rubio in front of me. He was enjoying the show. Nothing crazy though, after the show I got introduced to him and let him know I’m a big fan. I felt bad due to his mother passing and all the rumors around him. But still got love for Rubio! Excited for the season to get started!

Salty Sam

Lot of emotions. Quick recap/ reflection of the Sam Mitchell interview with Doogie where you can find here.

Sam Mitchell joined Doogie Wolfson on his Podcast and didn’t shy away from his disgust of how he was treated by the Timberwolves organization. He was fired right at the end of the season over the phone by Glen Taylor, which did not leave Mitchell happy. Mitchell noted the 13 years he has spent with the Timberwolves as a player and coach as to how he deserved more than a phone call. He also was let down that Tom Thibodeau didn’t call since they have ties from the inaugural season when Mitchell was a player and Thibs was a coach.

Mitchell has every right to be upset. Whether or not he has spent 13 years or not, the way he was fired was unprofessional and unacceptable. I think out of respect, his 13 years warranted him at least an interview for the position. He started the season bad and don’t think he deserved the job for this upcoming season, but he did make some significant changes over the year. He also took over a very difficult situation, a situation that has maybe Never happened before in the NBA. How Glen Taylor has handled this was absolutely wrong and is the reason many alumni of the organization are not fond of the team after they leave.

Glen Taylor doesn’t feel like he cares about the relationships that were built when a player or coach leaves a team. This is why Kevin Garnett at one point was not a fan of Minnesota in his Boston days. Kevin McHale also didn’t leave on good terms. It is a part of the business of basketball, but it has to be handled better. Glen Taylor burns bridges because he knows he has the money to rebuild them if he wants to later.

This leads me to believe that the dream of Kevin Garnett being a part of this organization long term won’t happen. It sounds like the situation with KG is already on thin ice and he doesn’t seem happy. Garnett is in a tough position and probably doesn’t have a roster spot carved out for him like he has for his entire career. I don’t have the faith in Glen Taylor to remedy that.

Back to Sam Mitchell. In the interview, Mitchell made a few mistakes. He attempted to take credit for the improvement of players over the course of the season, which I don’t think he can credit himself fully. He took credit for Karl-Anthony Towns’ unanimous Rookie of the Year award because he didn’t make him play under the basket. Had Mitchell let Towns play the minutes he deserved early on in the season, there is a good change Towns would’ve been an All-Star his rookie year.

He then went on to note Wiggins 4 point jump in points per game was historic. He asked how many players have jumped 4 points from one season to the next. I accidentally laughed out loud at work. You actually don’t have to look far. Shabazz Muhammad jumped nearly 10 points from his rookie to sophomore year. Zach LaVine also added 4 points to his average. So to answer Sam’s question, it is pretty common, and maybe below expectations that Wiggins jumped 4 points per game.

Sam then was upset about the criticism he received around how he handled Zach LaVine at point guard. He said he just wanted to get Zach on the court. The problem there is that Zach was named the starter in the preseason, struggled, and then made the backup point guard. He was clearly struggling at point guard and everyone in the country was noticing how much better of a player he was playing alongside Ricky Rubio.

Sam then almost took credit for Shabazz Muhammad’s improvements. I accidentally laughed out loud again. Shabazz had the best season of his career in his season season when he posted smaller guys and drove passed bigger ones. He was hustling on the boards and shooting much better from 3. A lot of us expected a big season from Shabazz and were left disappointed because Mitchell didn’t know how to incorporate him into the scheme.

That was a small part of the interview. Sam then was very upset about about how Scott Layden called a month and a half later. He then mentioned that he hung up in Scott’s face. I thought that was interesting.

All of that said, I felt bad for Sam. It sounded like he is still taking it hard. He has a lot of little things happening now as he has moved to Atlanta. I hope that he gets into coaching. It sounded like he was interested in College ball. As a long time Wolves fan, I have nothing but respect for Sam I Am. I remember his playing days and when Wall Szczerbiak took his starting spot because of an injury. I know I will continue following his career. So long to the former NBA Coach of the Year. His mistreatment of the media will certainly be missed.

Timberwolves Schedule and Ricky Dunk!

Thursday was a beautiful day for Wolves fans. The Timberwolves schedule was released for the 2016-17 Regular Season. The Wolves open the regular season on October 26th in Memphis to face the Grizzlies, who added some nice pieces this offseason and have the highest paid player in NBA history in Mike Conley.

For the first time in Timberwolves history, the Wolves will play on Christmas day in Oklahoma City! While it doesn’t seem like the most exciting opponent without Kevin Durant, my belief is that the Wolves and Thunder will likely be battling each other for a playoff spot, so the game could have some significance towards the end of the year. The Wolves also play 19 games on National TV. The entire schedule can be found here. 

While all this excitement was happening, Ricky Rubio was playing in the Olympics against Nigeria for 0-2 Spain where they got their first win. Ricky finally put together a decent game but what was truly impressive was his dunk! Check it out below!

We used to get excited to see Ricky throw it down in warm ups. And according to basketball-reference, Rubio has never dunked in an NBA game. There were a lot of questions on whether or not he could dunk, but at 6-3 and a huge wingspan, it doesn’t seem like it would be difficult for Ricky to do. It seems like hanging out with Wiggins and LaVine has rubbed off on Rubio finally…

Wolves fans… Get excited! The season is just a couple months away!

The Timber Rebuilder