The Stakes Have Never Been Higher

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As the Wolves enter the All-Star break with 17 wins, one more win than last season’s total, they find themselves in flux of where this season is going. The Wolves are all but out of the playoff hunt and tanking looks attractive in order to get another high lottery pick to add to the young and talented core. But the Wolves know that, eventually, they will have to start winning. And starting to win going into the end of the season, isn’t such a bad idea. Britt Robson mentioned at the end of his article in the MinnPost that ‘The Stakes Have Never Been Higher’ and it couldn’t be any more true. As displayed in the final game before the all-star break, the Wolves have arguably the brightest future in the NBA. Karl-Anthony Towns impressed again by posting a career-high 35 points, 11 rebounds, and 3 blocks. Towns broke Kevin Love’s franchise record for double-doubles by a rookie in this game. Fellow future star Andrew Wiggins ,aka Maple Jordan, posted 26 points by coming through in the fourth quarter with a lot of important scores. They showed just how good they could potentially be by beating a very good Toronto Raptors team.

As my favorite movie is Hitch with Will Smith, there is a line in that movie that resonates well with the Wolves situation. While I don’t have time to directly quote the movie, Hitch tells his client in a taxi cab something along the lines of “It no longer your job to make her like you. Its your job not to mess it up.” This couldn’t be any more true for the Wolves. The Wolves have two of the top prospects in the NBA in Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins, and they arrived on a platter.

The job is now is to develop them and surround them with talent. It should be pretty easy. Right?

Towns and Wiggins will ultimately develop into good individual players even if you set them in an incubator for the next five years. The jury is still out on Andrew Wiggins as to if he will ACTUALLY live up to his potential. Bill Simmons mentioned that Wiggins could be the next ‘Rudy Gay’ in the league where their reputation around the league is that they are a great player but the local fans know just how bad they really are. Many complain that Wiggins isn’t rebounding or adding much else outside of scoring, which is valid. The Wolves could use more effort on the court from Wiggins. The Wolves could also use a reliable, consistent, 3-point shot from Wiggins. As of right now, Rubio has a better 3pt% than Wiggins. Matter of fact, I believe every starting guard in the NBA has a better 3pt% than Wiggins.

With that said, if Wiggins didn’t develop those things, he wouldn’t be a bad starter. He can absolutely score the ball. He can also absolutely defend for the most part. If he doesn’t develop those things, he likely will never be an all-star and will likely see his minutes cut as there will be some 3 and D wing who can be more efficient with their time on the floor. Chances are though, Wiggins will develop some of these skills. The kid is only 20. Be patient.

I’ve wanted to write an article about Karl-Anthony Towns but fear I may be too homerish. So I will stick to this paragraph. If Towns doesn’t develop anymore, he is an All-Star next season. Currently the only thing holding Towns back is Sam Mitchell and maybe foul trouble. But Towns is an absolute joy to watch. What is mind blowing to me the most though is that he has an incredible FG% (54% from the field) and shoots almost 50% in the midrange! So when Towns learns to take higher percentage shots and can take/ make more threes later in his career, what happens? *Insert head exploding hand motion here* The other thing I love about Towns is his attitude. He is smart, savvy, passionate, competitive, humble, and hilarious. I can’t wait until he wants to dominate his opponents like KG. Then what happens? *Again, mind blown* Shot chart below:

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So how to develop these guys? That is one of the major keys.

First, it is to take the rest of this season seriously. I know, the Wolves risk improving their record and getting a worse pick. But to me, I actually like the picks later in the top 10 better than 4-6 range, which I will talk about later when I talk about the surround portion of the t-log. The Wolves need to play the second half of the season as if they have a chance at the playoffs. Their young guys have to play together and pull out team wins similar to the recent games against the Raptors and Clippers. The momentum needs to be carried into next season in which the Wolves can truly make a playoff run. The Wolves have all the necessary pieces to be competitive this season. Health hasn’t been an issue for the first time in years. The veterans on the team seem to be rubbing off on the young guys. And there is already quite a bit of talent in Towns and Wiggins that can compete against many teams.

Next, the Wolves need to get in a new coaching staff this summer. There are horror stories about coaches who can’t connect with younger players because they are yelling at them too much. Sam Mitchell’s ‘old-school’ mentality is just not something that is going to work long term here. The Wolves need a coach that will grow with the team and focus on player development. There is a good amount of coaches that are available that fit that mold much better than Mitchell.

Lastly, the Wolves will have a crucial summer for their young guys. Kobe Bryant mentioned that he would love to work with Wiggins and LaVine this summer. I remain skeptical because I remember Wes Johnson spent his summers with Kobe and it didn’t seem to pay dividends, but I am not opposed to it. Regardless, Towns, Wiggins, & LaVine should be in the gym daily together trying to get better. They all need a consistent 3-pointer. They all need to become better defenders. And they all need to do this together. They likely will not be playing in the summer league this summer which is a blessing. It will give them an opportunity to hopefully expand their games to another level instead of trying to get used to the NBA-style of play.

Now on to surrounding Wiggins and Towns with talent. How does that happen?

Well, first keep the talent you have. Rubio, Bjelica, and Dieng are three younger guys that likely won’t get much better than they already are. And that is fine. As hard as Wolves fans are on Rubio, he is probably the single player that helps the team even be competitive outside of Towns at this point. Rubio has the second best Win Share on the team with 3.7, behind Towns’ 5.6 and right above Dieng’s 3.4. He makes the players around him better and is solid on defense. Dieng on the other hand is looking like the perfect role player. A guy who is effective off of the bench and can start when needed. He is also pairing well with Towns which is great for the future. Bjelica has struggled this season. But I believe he is just adjusting to the NBA still. I think his ability to shoot is too good to give up on right now. He is also an amazing playmaker which is valuable at his position.

The Wolves need to also develop and assess their current assets. Once they are assessed, they can turn them into talent or to trade bait. LaVine is on the fringe of this category in which I have mentioned him in the same category as Towns and Wiggins. Its hard to tell still if LaVine is that caliber of a prospect or will have a role player type of career. I will say he is a develop and keep type of asset. Then there is Muhammed, Jones, and Payne. Muhammed is in a situation where he maybe peaking in terms of value and the Wolves need to determine if they want to hold or sell this summer. Muhammed is approaching the point where the Wolves will need to decide if they want to extend him next season (along with Dieng). Once Muhammed is locked into that contract, his value will begin to diminish as he will be expected to produce to the level of that contract. Today, he is being paid for what he could be and the Wolves are enjoying that. But it will be decision time for Muhammed and Dieng this summer before they get big boy contracts.

Jones and Payne are still in ‘assess’ mode but their values are dropping dramatically. They aren’t able to contribute on a young team which makes them look bad. And they’ve looked bad in games too. To me, Payne is already a liability on the team and should be moved at any cost. Power Forward remains a big question for the Wolves and Payne will not be the answer. Jones could be something still, but will need time to play this season if there is room for him on the team. There is the need for a back up point guard on the roster now. The Wolves will address that need this summer whether its internally or externally.

What happens to the veterans? Prince and Miller will likely be gone next season. I would not be surprised if Garnett was gone but the hope is he is back next season in some sort of capacity. In an ideal world, Garnett moves into minority ownership and/ or begins to make personnel decisions. I have to begin to wonder if Pekovic will retire due to his inability to be healthy. If not, the Wolves are likely stuck with him for a very long time unless someone wants to take a chance on him. Kevin Martin is an interesting piece of the puzzle. I am opposed to trading Martin at the trade deadline and more inclined to trading him this summer or during the season next year. He will be a $7M expiring contract at the end of next season. Martin then becomes an asset to someone as he expires and can still actually play. Packaging him with Muhammed could score the Wolves a decent power forward for next year.

Then on to the 1st-round pick. The NBA draft is easily my favorite part of the season. As a Wolves fan, its what I have become. And when the Wolves are in the bottom 5 teams in the league, its hard for me to not say ‘tank!’. But the Wolves have to get better and the 5th pick is almost no-mans land in this draft. The best talent is in the top 2 picks. And while I am intrigued by Dragan Bender, he isn’t the next Porzingis. I would rather get a guy like Ivan Rabb, Diamond Stone, or even Buddy Hield. This is a draft where I would rather pick 7 to 12 than from 4-6. It sounds crazy but the Wolves need a sure-thing role player and not a high-upside, high-bust potential prospect. Bender, Murray, and Dunn all fit that bill. Its early to tell where a lot of these guys will go now though. But I will definitely cover more this summer when we know where we are picking and the players have declared for the draft.

Coming back out of the weeds, this should be pretty simple. Start winning now. Start building around Towns and Wiggins. Surround them with good players. Based on Towns and Wiggins’ performances this season, this team is capable of making a playoff push next season. And if they don’t next season, at least in the future. And if they don’t then, the Minnesota Timberwolves organization really, really messed up.

Just a friendly reminder, even though I maybe mention this in every other t-log, the Wolves hold the longest-active playoff drought in the NBA at 11 seasons, soon to be 12.

The Timber Rebuilder.

9 Reasons to Vote For Andrew Wiggins: 2016 NBA All-Star

NBA All-Star voting opened up Thursday and its time to get the campaigns churning. Andrew Wiggins, the lone reason why Minnesotans #GetWiggy on Wednesdays, has a small chance of being an All-Star this season with his outstanding performance. We here at The Timber Rebuilder wanted to kick of the ‘Andrew Wiggins 2016 All-Star’ campaign with 9 reasons why you should vote for Andrew Wiggins. 

1) He Won Rookie Of the Year Last Year: Wiggins came into his rookie year with high expectations and he ultimately met them. The critics are still out on what kind of player Wiggins will become, but he took home the ROTY honors in a highly-touted draft class. That said, winning Rookie of the Year doesn’t constitute an All-Star appearance, but wanted to give you a hint of where this article is going…

2) He Always Looks like He just Woke Up: I have to imagine if I asked Andrew Wiggins what his hobbies are outside of basketball, he would pick at his hair and respond,”I don’t know… Sleeping?’ The dude always looks like he hopped off a couch after a two-hour nap. Imagine him under the bright lights right after a nap?



3) His Nickname is 🍁Maple Jordan🍁: Wiggins has always had lofty expectations since high school, but to be called ‘Maple Jordan’ is pretty big. Wiggins is the golden-child of Canada, in which he is always representing. Many thought Wiggins would be the second coming, which no one believes as true, but he has shown great talent on both ends of the court. ‘Maple Jordan’ seems to fit though, since Wiggins is a watered-down version of MJ, as Canada is a watered-down version of the US. Beyond the Canada/ United States beef, The All-Star Game will be hosted in Toronto, which could be a potential homecoming for Wiggins. Bringing the Maple Jordan home should be just as much of a priority for Wolves fans as it is for Raptors fans and Canadian Nationalists.

4) He Already Has a Signature Resting Pose: If you’ve caught any Wolves games, you’ve seen Wiggins’ resting pose. Every elite player from Kobe to MJ have one. Jordan and Kobe had more predator type poses. But Wiggins’ fits his personality with the literal ‘hands on my hips’ pose:


One time for the one handed resting pose:


5) He Dunks on People. Wiggins has been dunking on people and taking names. Many people give Zach LaVine credit for being the dunk champ but thats when no one is playing defense. Wiggins has given it to some of the best rim protectors in the league. Enjoy a few vines:

Here is Wiggins Dunking on Millsap earlier this season. Look at where Wiggins takes off from though? Dominique Wilkins was proud.

Aron Baynes was posterized but then seemingly acted like nothing happened. Usually the best course-of-action when being dunked on.

Going back to last season, Andrew Wiggins poses in the air for cameras as he posterizes Omer Asik. Asik’s career has been on a downwards slope since.

France, meet Canada. Who knows what kind of French rhetoric was exchanged when the Stieffel Tower got dunked on. But this is definitely the best one.

6) He Nearly Dunks on People. Had Wiggins finished this dunk on Hassan Whiteside, it probably would’ve been the dunk of the season. But the poster turned out alright. Imagine if Wiggins could potentially dunk on Whiteside in the All Star game…


7) He is Top 10 in Clutch Scoring: Wiggins is 9th in the NBA in clutch scoring, averaging 3.6 points per game in clutch situations. Who is ahead of Wiggins? Steph Curry, LeBron James, James Harden, Reggie Jackson, Russell Westbrook, Paul George, Kevin Durant, and John Wall, respectively. The difference between Wiggins and the rest of this group? Wiggins has played in 3 or more games than anyone above him. He has consistently found himself in situations where he is relied on to be clutch. And he consistently shows up. Wiggins also happens to be at least 5 years younger than any of them.

8) His Draft Day Smile: Does this get old? Andrew-Wiggins-Draft

If he was this happy on draft night, think of the happiness he will have if voted into the All-Star game. Wiggins will look like the kid in elementary school who let off a stink bomb and got away with it.

9) Flip Saunders Would be Proud: Wiggins is currently averaging 21 points per game and a big reason why the Wolves have improved this season. Flip traded All-Star Kevin Love to bring in Andrew, which put a lot of pressure on Saunders. Saunders needed to prove to the world that Wiggins would not be a bust and could be an integral piece of turning this franchise around. You have to imagine if Flip were still with us he would be proud of what Wiggins is becoming. It would also make Flip incredibly proud if Andrew Wiggins became an All-Star in his second year.

So if you made it this far you are probably thinking one of two things: ‘I can’t believe I got through all 9 reasons’ or ‘The Timber Rebuilder is hilarious’. If you felt differently that either, please comment below with how you felt.

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